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Collecting Handwritten Recipes

It's the holiday season and we are cued into the sights, and smells of our anticipated favorite foods some of which have been passed down for generations. Why is it we only make some foods during the holidays anyway? I am not sure, but it makes the holiday season and the foods that go with them seem all that much more special to us. As you get our your collection of favorites, be sure to remember where you received that recipe in the first place and the person that it reminds you of. I know that every time I make an Apple Cake it reminds me of my Mom and Banana Bread, my Grandmother. These were items they felt comfortable making consistently and serving to guests as well as family. If you have the opportunity to receive a hand written recipe from a loved one, treasure it. Their handwriting, their words and phrases, and an occasional sticky fingerprint are all reminders of the love they put into each and every dish. Be sure to pass down some handwritten recipes of your own to those who are interested as well.

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