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Margaret Priscilla Sharp

Margaret Priscilla Sharp was born on May 17, 1860, in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, the child of Milton Edgar Sharp and Elizabeth Ann Woods. She married William Holbrook Scott on September 23, 1884, in her hometown.

They had three children during their marriage, Elizabeth, Edgar and William Jr. Rev. William Holbrook Scott was a Baptist minister. After moving to Liberty, Missouri, they resided on North Lightburne Street and later at 215 East Mississippi Street. They spent the later years of their life moving from place to place, including Akron, Ohio, Springfield, Missouri, Campbell, Missouri and Marion County, Florida. William died in 1932 while they were living in Springfield, leaving Margaret a widow.

Margaret died in March 1947 in Marion County, Florida, at the age of 86, and was buried in Ocala, Florida.

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