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Beaten Biscuits, Three Ways

After a day out harvesting honey with friends, the fastest way to enjoy it, besides a dip with your finger, is a batch of beaten biscuits. These are great with any meal breakfast, lunch or dinner and as you can see we have several recipes and methods to choose from. Regardless of the one you choose, I will agree with Mrs. Dan Hughes when she says “There is more care needed in the baking than the making” as you really want to take these out right when they are ready and hot to get that honey in your tummy.

Biscuit honey

1. from Mrs. J. A. Beauchamp

One quart of flour, one teaspoonful of baking powder, one tablespoonful of lard, sweet milk enough to make a stiff dough. Beat until the dough blisters. Bake in a hot oven.

2. from Mrs. W.H. Scott

Two pints of flour, one tablespoonful of lard, one teaspoonful of salt; mix into a very stiff dough with equal parts of sweet milk and water; beat thirty minutes with an ax kept for the purpose, or, if you use a kneader, run the dough back and forth through it until rather soft and perfectly smooth.

3. from Mrs. Dan Hughes

Four pints of flour; into which sift one level teaspoonful of salt and one of Price’s baking powder. One coffee cup of sweet lard; one-third cup of thick buttermilk and just enough soda to counteract the acid. Half and half cold water and sweet milk to make into a stiff dough. Knead on machine for twenty minutes, roll a half inch thick, prick with fork or use a patent biscuit-cutter, and bake in a moderate oven— not too slowly, yet not fast enough to blister. There is more care needed in the baking than the making.

Beaten biscuits

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