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Annie McCarty

Annie McCarty was born on December 5, 1854, in Clay County, Missouri, to William McCarty and Alice Riley, the child of two long-standing pioneering Clay County families. She lived the longest of all her siblings, as only her sister Nellie survived to adulthood and three sisters and a brother died before the age of 5 years old.

Anna was a student at the Clay Seminary and performed in several public exhibitions. One such exhibition took place on Thursday, June 10, 1869. Event information states that “The following program is typical and Miss Anna McCarty was a presenter by readings from the “Olive Wreath.”” These programs referred to the girls of the school as “modern girls” who would smile at some of the musical selections. Anna married Daniel Hughes, a druggist, in 1871. They had eight children but only five lived to adulthood. Their family home in Liberty was on Morse Avenue until they moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1900 so that Daniel could become the president of Physicians Supply and then later president of the First National Bank. There they lived at 2809 Forrest Avenue.

She died after a long illness on September 14, 1918, at the age of 63 in the St. Regis Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, and was buried in the family plot at Fairview Cemetery in Liberty, Missouri with her husband and four children.

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